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The RedoxFlow research group (GDR2070) aims to bring together a broad community of academic and industrial experts to coordinate their research activities on redox-flow batteries, from fundamental research to industrialization issues. Structuring the community in this way will create synergies and emulation effects that will encourage new solutions in the field of redox flow storage.

Area 1: Soluble electrolytes (co-led by Olivier Ouari, Université de Marseille, and Maël Penhoat, Université de Lille)

Area 2: Redox targeting and suspensions (co-led by Lionel Dubois, CEA Grenoble, and Hyacinthe Randriamahazaka, Université de Paris)

Area 3: Materials – electrodes and membranes (co-led by Steven Le Vot, Université de Montpellier, and Cristina Iojoiu, CNRS Grenoble)

Area 4: Hybrid technologies (co-led by Alice Boudet, Sunergy and Théo Tzedakis, Université de Toulouse)

Area 5: New flow systems (co-led by Mathieu Etienne, CNRS Nancy and Jean-Marie Fontmorin, CNRS Toulouse)

Area 6: Systems and standardization (co-led by Solène Guihéneuf, Kemiwatt and Philippe Stevens, EDF)